With background from Bangladesh and India, we at Haveli are proud of our culinary heritage that evolved over centuries and is prepared with delicately chosen spices and complex recipes that go back many many years. Sadly today those harmonious and melodic flavours are extremely hard to locate and the concept of Indian cuisine is a mere synonym for Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Korma. Its authenticity and uniqueness has become a myth.

The mission behind Haveli Indian Restaurant is to restore the true ancient flavours and essence of Indian cuisine. We are here to bring back true Indian cuisine from the complexity of spices and ingredients to the ancient traditional cooking methods which gave the food the unique and exciting flavours.

And though the food is very close to our hearts we know the atmosphere of our Restaurant and service is equally important and that's why we pride our selves on providing that ever famous Indian hospitality, which means treating each and every customer like a king and queen.

Enjoy all that mouthwatering food in a contemporary venue with a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, and be transported to the hustling and bustling streets of India. We are determined to make your visit an unforgettable experience, from the moment you step in, to the minute you leave with a warm welcome, the highly trained friendly staff at your beck and call and of course the finger licking food.

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